The process of house changing is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences that we face in our life. After that comes the threatening moving. The action that makes us “buried” in boxes for weeks. Sure, with correct planning it depends whether these weeks will become months, or just a few days until the situation is normal again.

Also, independently that we make it either by our own -using family and friends-, or hiring a specialized company, it always has a cost. In fact, in Spain we spend on this matter an average between 125 € and 600 €. So, this is an amount that we include in the budget for buying or selling a house, although most of the clients say: “But we have to move only 4 little things…”; the numbers say that in a normal moving, an average of 50 boxes are transported.

Following, we leave a piece of advice that in our experiences are going to help you optimize your moving budget and avoid a big headache.




Firstly, you have to choose the amount of things to move, meaning, making an inventory with the stuff that we will take and see the volume that could occupy, either if they are transported by truck or by your own car. In addition, it is important making a list, categorizing, because it is not the same moving a piano as just clothing. For sure, this is something that the company will ask before giving us an estimated price.

Once we have everything, my recommendation is asking from more than one specialized company to evaluate the assignment, because many times we get surprised by the fact that they are cheaper than doing it by ourselves. Anyway, there are series of expenditures like transport, packaging material, etc; that we are going to incur. Thus, the important thing is to measure those costs and then compare just in case if it´s worth it.



Whatever option you choose, it is essential having a plan that includes the day and the frame of hours when you will be moving. Pay close attention to the availability of parking spaces and the existing traffic in the area before making the decision.

Regarding to the necessary resources, the ideal situation would be having more than two hands; so, if you have decided to do it by your own, ask for help from family or friends. Once that is clear, in addition to the amount of boxes or packages to move, you are ready for measuring the time that it will last.

Finally, you must see what vehicle or vehicles you have and their size. The best are vans or wagons, because the space in any utility vehicles will get you nowhere. There are multiple options of renting vehicles without drivers, at a very cheap price, that can come handy.


Entering the house


In this last part, we have a list of different things that will also be useful; although it depends on your specific situation, it will help you:

  • Taking advantage of cleaning. I am sure there are things that you have never and will never use. I know it is difficult to throw away certain stuff… but if you donate it to charity, maybe it will be easier.
  • Name your boxes regarding to what is inside, for instance: books, glass, cutlery, clothing, etc.
  • Putting in a suitcase a toilet bag and the clothes that you are going to use in the coming days.
  • Before moving, start to consume the food that you have stored in the fridge and buy only what it is essential.
  • Update your address in all your subscriptions and envies that you are waiting for. Nevertheless, ask to your landlord, buyer or close neighbor, to pay attention to your mailbox; because you will receive mails for a while on your old address.
  • Remember changing the entitlement of the supplies (water, electricity, heating, telephone, etc). In addition of hiring new ones for your new home. At this point, the realtor will help you, avoiding a new contract -which is expensive-, putting you in contact with the previous owners or tenants.


Carro caja


Maybe I slipped something, but at least, this brief summary will help you cover the most common issues that can happen during a moving. Finally, we wish you the best luck in your new chapter and enjoy as much as you can. For us it is like the “climax”, when the whole process of searching for a new home is over, and we see the satisfaction face of the new occupants and that smile when we ask them: “how about your new home?”