By the time to position a property on an international scale, it is important to make an analysis and choosing the market/markets we want to focus on, depending on the buyer or investor profile that our property fits better. After this, we can prepare the commercialization plan and define the necessary requirements for the set up.

Because in a global market like the current one, where the information is as far as a click, it is the easiest way than ever before making an international transaction. In fact, of the total amount of houses sold in the present year, a 13.64% were sold to foreigners, mainly British, French and German -in that order-, majority of them bought in the coast or the islands.

So, it is important as we have said to define that target, and focusing on the European websites or not, for advertising the property, in addition to prepare all the necessary information in the potential buyer´s language, as well as having a qualified staff for giving them services in their own language, or at least, in an “understandable” English. Thus, effectively the main real estate websites or platforms are in English, and they usually have a payment system with a more expensive cost than the national platforms that we know (Idealista, Fotocasa,, etc); therefore, it is important to optimize the digital marketing budget and not «to crack a nut with a sledgehammer» investing without control on those sites.

Captura de pantalla de búsqueda en rightmove overseas.

Below, I am leaving a list of the main international platforms with properties in Spain, -although in the majority we can access to promises all over the world-, both free and payable subscriptions:


In the previous list, are included some international aggregators, that “overturn” the properties over a bridge and previous payment, offering a positioning service or even translating the ads in the more common languages. Therefore, as we said in the beginning, it is essential to define those target countries, before choosing the platform or website that we are going to use.

In that sense, according to the last report published by the Spanish Real Estate Registers Association in the first term of this year 2018 – I attached a link here-, there are 10 nationalities with bigger size regarding to demand houses in Spain in the recent years, showing a general slight trend of growth. Firstly, it is United Kingdom (15.00%), followed by France (8.15%), Germany (7.83%), Swedish (6.44%), Belgium (6.40%), Italy (5.69%), Romania (5.38%), China (4.27%) and Morocco (4.09%).

Finally, with these data, we have a good reference which markets have more potential for selling our property in the international market, using more convenient platforms for that. Of course, this information does not guarantee selling our property, because the conveyance process is something more complex than that, especially when we are dealing with other cultures, with different languages, currency and legal frames. So, it is always recommendable giving to a professional that will support us for achieving our goal with the maximum success guarantee.