A Real Estate Personal Shopper, is a professional whose mission is being next to a buyer, defending his interests and being in charge of the whole searching process; minimizing the risk bind to the conveyance, and saving your time and money; and of course, making you feel very comfortable during the whole time.

This is a relatively innovative service in Spain, although in the States they have been offering this for years, because their legislation forces them to defend either buyer or seller interests, but they cannot do it simultaneously, understanding that there could be conflict of interest. In fact, in the intermediary work that we are developing daily in our country, we see ourselves forced to separate from that position, with the purpose of giving a most fair deal for both sides.

Then, in this article I want to summarise which are the main advantages and benefits of working with this PSS (Personal Shopper Service), which in my experience of offering to our clients for some time, it is the best option by the time of buying a property.

  • Saving time

Without doubts, this is one of the main advantages, because the PSS avoids wasting your time. He will only show you the properties that you are really interested in and fits your expectations. It is calculated that this saves you around 70% of time.

  • Checking technical and inhabitant requirements

It is a necessary know-how about the different requirements for acquiring a house. Including a technical inspection and legal situation of the property, with the purpose that the operation develops in the safest way and avoiding all the risk related to the conveyance.

  • Price negotiation

He is an expert on negotiation skills, and knows very well the market, so he will find the best existing opportunities, and he will be able to get the fairest price for it.

  • Finance solutions

In addition, if you need financing, he will advise you about how to get credit solution fast, and in the best market conditions.

  • Reconstructions, interior design and others

If the property needs any type of reconstructions or changing the new use, he will provide you suppliers of contrasted solvency and confidence, so will move into the house that will look as you imagined it would (moving, painters, decorators, etc).

  • Customer service

This service does not finish buying the property, but it continues until accomplishing all the process after the closing, including the fiscal forms and the legalization involved.

As a conclusion, I attached bellow a video that we have developed from VIVEenGRANADA, for showing this service to our clients: