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In previous publications we have talked about Home Staging, Virtual Reality and other techniques that are applied in the Real Estate industry, they are very powerful weapons for selling. But what it is considered a “basic” -and thus, it is not an option taking it into account- are the professional photo and video, by the time to show the best of our property. Of course, without overpromising, and when we visit the house with a client after seeing the photos, he thinks that this is a different house.

Therefore, such as it happens with the rest of tools that we use for emphasizing the benefits of each property, it is important that there is a planification for those visits with potential clients, also showing them the house “at natural”, independently that we show its best face through photo and video recording. In this way, we will get the client to know how to see further the photos and the real possibilities of each room. So, with well managed strategy, the houses are sold up to 30% faster.

Well, in the same line like in previous articles in which we had gone deeper about any concrete subject, and using the saying of “stick to your last”, I asked our collaborator Carlos Gonzalez of Sintoniza Audiovisuales, that makes a brief summary about what are the main characteristics what a good professional photo and video recording must have -and when I say professional, it is more evident that must be done by a photography professional-, for making the most of a house and achieving a fast and effective selling.

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According to Carlos: “The sayings «a picture is worth a thousand words» and «the first impression counts», are two sentences that summarise perfectly the importance of showing a good image when we want to sell something. The majority of people that are looking for a property, they usually do it through the internet, and it is proved that the houses that has a major number of visits and consults, are those that are more attractive and has a good quality image.

For making good photos of the interiors and a good video, it is very important to prepare the space, as well as that the property is clean and tidy (Home Staging); also, it is essential to spend more time analysing the strong points and the lighting that different rooms have. We highlight the characteristics of the house, and so it is necessary to use professional and high-quality equipment such as wide-angled optics, tripod and lighting support, among others. The position of the camera is very important as well, for not being able to get the pictures distressed.

Finally, the photo editor improves the pictures and their lighting, colours and contrasts. Regarding to the video, by the time to edit the images, it is necessary to get an attractive and accurate rhythm, that emphasizes the virtues of the property. Therefore, we cannot consider the use of photography and professional video as an expenditure, but as an investment”[sic].

Bellow, I attached one of the last videos developed by Carlos for VIVEenGRANADA, in which you can see how not only the own elements of the property are highlighted, but its environment, the views, lighting, etc.

In conclusion, with the professional photo and video, like with the rest of the tools that are used combined for getting a good home staging, we encourage the emotions and feelings that would awake a life style in that room. For that, it is very important to identify what type of needs and desires our target market has, with the purpose of covering them with the acquisition of the house.

Ending up, marketing is about satisfying needs and to differentiate our product from the rest of the market, and to be chosen. But I do not want to go further on this matter, because it is going to be the goal of the next article.

WRITTEN IN COLLABORATION WITH: Carlos Gonzalez Aguilera of Sintoniza Audiovisuales