“Miguel Ángel is a commited professional. Fully aware about his improvement areas, devoted in his developments and in the search for solutions that let him implement them in his organization and the teams that he manages. A pioner professional, respected for his knowledge and achivements. With a great initiative and dinamism he has a great capacity for motivating the professional teams that he leads”.

Marcelino Gilabert López (Grupo Ase) www.grupoase.net


“I met Miguel Angel as a client in my previous position as a Managing Director of a real estate consulting. That relationship strengthen itself on a business travel to Chicago where we both attended at the NAR. In that intense trip and in following training, I realized that I met a person with a great emotional intelligence, able to communicate and transmit confidence not only to me but I would bet with anyone who is next to him.

I enjoyed his presence in our “High Performance” program by NexTarget.es, and I was sure that he is of the few people that have the gift of knowing himself and acting in consequence, planning his training with dedication and detail. I am certain that he likes that, mainly because he has the vital need of creating around him the best staff that he can manage, leading to the best results.Miguel Angel is always in “Doing my Best” mode and from this we can all benefit. He is, in my humble opinion, an altruist giver type of intelligence. Something that is very complex to achieve”.

Antonio Garrido Marquez (NextTarget.es) www.nexttarget.es


“Excellent real estate professional and team leader. I had the chance of working with him and he has a great vision for business. Miguel is very creative, and he always is working on himself for giving the best to his clients”.

Carlos Rentalo (Coach and International Speaker) www.carlosrentalo.com


“I´m fortunate to know Miguel A. and I got surprised for his professionality and seriousness. He is a person who gives everything for his client and focuses all his energy on completing the best training for giving the best service. Without doubts, we are talking about a professional who I recommend 100%”.

Alberto Conesa (Universidad Branding Profesional) www.albertoconesa.com


“Miguel Angel is one of those professionals that are 100% committed to offering a service better and with the focus put on training continuously for providing the best service to their clients. Someone trustworthy”

Chema Espejo (ComoGanarSeguidores) www.comoganarseguidores.com


“Straightforward, clear and precise, but above all of that, a good professional. These are some of the qualities of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez with a 360º vision of the current Real Estate. If someone asks me if I would recommend him, the answer is YES”.

Victor López (N9 Estudio) www.no9estudio.com


“Miguel Ángel is a good person and a great professional in whom you can trust for advising and giving a global vision of Real Estate. Recommendable as a Real Estate consultant 100%”.

Alberto Martinez (Gamo Estudio) www.gamoestudio.es


“Miguel Ángel is a polyvalent professional with a global vision of the Real Estate industry which makes him a perfect dealer for the market opportunities. Adding to this, he has a great capacity for managing his staff, and for guiding his clients in all the steps that they have to assume, with the last goal of getting a successful operation”

Francisco Domínguez Roldán (CYRARQUITECTURA) www.cyrarquitectura.com