A few days ago we were talking about Home Staging and virtual staging of houses, and we mentioned the use of Virtual Reality and 3D technology in showing properties. Also giving its importance, that there would be a next publication focused in this matter. So, here we are.

Virtual Reality has created a “before and after” in the way of showing the houses and so, it has generated a real revolution in the Real Estate industry. Mainly for two factors: the time and the virtualization of the visit.

In today´s world, in which we have less and less time, the lack of agenda for visiting properties, made that any person that is looking for a house actively, needed weeks or even months before seeing all the properties that fit to the profile of what they were looking for. And in most cases, when they came to see the house, they realized that it was not what they really want.

house through glasses

With this new system, a client not only can visit a wide variety of houses in only a few minutes, but he is going to discard all those he is not interested in, or they do not fit to his ideal home. For that, it is only necessary to have VR glasses, a mobile phone, and of course, that the agency has this technology and their homes are recorded in virtual reality.

One of the first companies on implementing this system here in Europe, was Club Noteges -association to which a I have the pleasure of being a part of- and thanks to the incorporation of this technology, more than 200 associated agencies have achieved having a sales ratio over the average of this industry, increasing up to a 34% the effectiveness of property sales.

The other great factor that facilitates this new technology, is not having to be physically in the house for the visit, making it possible doing it from home or even overseas. It is, without doubts, the other great added value is that we can give to the client, giving him the space that he needs for making the decision without any kind of pressure and in the most comfortable way.

man with glasses

As of now, this technology was applied only for new constructions, while in the second hand sector -which represents the Real Estate Spanish market more than double than the first one- it was not applied.

So, without doubt the Virtual Reality has revolutionized the Real Estate industry, and although its implementation is still low in Spain, but it is on board, and will end up imposing thanks to its effectiveness in closing the sales and all the mentioned advantages above.