By the time we want to sell a property, if we decide to do it through a Real Estate agency -which is always the most recommendable option- the first decision that we have to make is which one or more agencies we can trust with selling our home.

I always recommend to my clients, doing like that famous tv ad slogan said: “look, compare and if you find something better, buy it”. It is true, but I also advice that they commit only to one agency, the one that has more professionality, commitment and seriousness. But only one, because it is demonstrated that if we do not commit ourselves to an agency, they are not going to commit to us.

So, in this article I am making a summary of the commitments that we must ask from the agency -and better putting pen to paper- with the purpose that they give us enough guarantee that they are going to take it seriously when it comes to selling our property.



Making a valuation of the property and the market study. Both are different elements but complementary at the same time, because on the one hand, the valuation will give us the intrinsic worth of the house; and on the other hand, the market study is going to give us the price which the potential buyers are willing to pay for a house like ours, in that specific area.

Crossing both elements, we obtain the real selling price and this guarantees that the operation will finish quickly and efficient.



Setting up the house or Home Staging, including all necessary actions for preparing the house for selling. This technique combines a set of actions that highlights the house and gives a more attractive aspect for the potential buyers.

This has to be done before making the professional recordings like photo shoot, video, 3D blueprints and virtual reality; for publishing in the most eye-catching way and differentiating it from the rest of the houses in the market.



Study of the legal situation of the property, including collecting all documents and necessary information for conveying the property with success guarantee. Not only the fastest way and at best market price, but knowing that it will be done in the most optimum way, which guarantees the most ideal taxation structure to our profile.

Then, the agency should be prepared as well, for giving us tax, financial and legal advice.



A specific Marketing Plan for our property, using the last promotion strategies applied to the Real Estate sector, and all technological elements that are necessary to widen the audience, for achieving any potential buyers.

It is also important that they have collaboration agreements or they are joined to different Multi Listing Services, with the purpose of having access to data bases with the major number of customers.



Having a successful team of Real Estate consultants, with contrasted solvency regarding to experience, very specialized in this area, average time of sale, number of registered potential clients for a house like that, etc.

Of course, the dedication for the designed person by the agency for working on our property.



Do not waste your time. I mean, do not continuously “take for a walk” the clients to the property, without even knowing in majority of the cases, if the house is what they are really looking for and especially, if they can afford to buy it. For that, is necessary making a wide investigation phase, for knowing what they want, where they want it, when they would buy and how much they can afford.

The use of techniques like Virtual Reality for the visits from the agency office, makes that when a visit is scheduled, it is because the buyer already knows it perfectly, and he really wants to see it before buying it.



Continuous communication plan, which keeps us perfectly informed during the whole process and send us periodically a very detailed sales report. In which, it must be detailed the variety of contacts received through all the channels, visits done at the property, received offers, etc. Like any other information that could be of interest.



Training program and continuous recycling, because in an environment as unstable as todays, where the market is changing continuously, and while the process of commercialization of the house can bring new laws, tax reforms, subsidies and public supports, etc.

The fact that the team in charge of the sale has a training program, it guarantees us that we will always be prepared against any changes like those.



Gratuity for the services to the owner of the property, because the business on itself, is going to be possible thanks to our house, so it seems that the most fair deal is that we do not pay any type of fee or commission for the received sale services.



Being accompanied during the whole process, helping us to minimize all the risk involved and making sure that everything is as most comfortable as possible. And when I am saying all the process, I do not mean until the operation is signed in the notary, but even after, because the buyer duties last until a year later, declaring the operation in his tax return.


Finally, if we find an agency that can commit to do all of this for us, almost in a 99%, we have assured the sale of our property in an optimum condition. Understanding optimum, in the best timing and at the best market price. Not forgetting that this is the main goal of any commercialization plan for selling a house.